Onboarding Best Practices
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Welcome to foh&boh! We're happy to be working with you, and have a few points below to ensure success from the beginning!

In the Restaurant Profile section (here):

  • Take some time to update your Location Profile, customizing it for your particular location(s). Tell candidates why they would want to work there in the summary section! Additional help article here.

  • In the Positions section, ensure that you have compensation marked for each position. Review the job description and customize as needed. Additional help article here. DO THIS ASAP BEFORE THEY GET PICKED UP BY JOB BOARDS.

  • Learn how to chat with candidates and set up interviews through the help article here.

  • Set up interview messaging and availability (see help article for messaging and availability).

If you have questions, reach out to your Customer Success contact or through Intercom help (bottom right of the screen).

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