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The Positions section will list any and all positions that you have opened. Here, you can pause them (which will remove them from job boards), or edit as needed.

Position Name

Include the name of the position. We suggest keeping it simple and high level, and not combining it with other roles.

Best Practice

Not Recommended


Server/ Host/ Team Member

(combining position names into one position)


Serving tables and ensuring a strong guest experience

(overly detailed position name)


An energetic and positive server

(overly detailed position name)



(Gender biased position name)


Host- $300 hiring bonus

(characters and compensation in position name)

Position Type

Here, you'll include the general type of role that aligns with the position you are posting. This will create a general job description that you can edit as needed.


It's highly suggested to include salary. Some job boards won't post a job without it. We suggest including the top range of compensation, inclusive of tips and/or bonuses.

Job Description

This will be pre- loaded but we suggest our clients change this to correspond with their specific positions. Of most importance is the first line of text, which is often previewed on job boards. You want it to catch a candidates' attention, to encourage them to click on your posting.

Receive Passive Candidate Notifications

If you select this, you'll receive email notifications with candidates who we think would be a good match for the positions you are posting. If you don't want to receive these alerts, and only focus on applicants, unclick this box.

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