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Interview availability will automate the process for scheduling interviews with candidates, eliminating back and forth messaging to find a time that works for both parties.

Each user in your account can set their own availability. foh&boh will use the availability for the selected "Interviewer" when showing available time slots during interview scheduling and only allow overbooking if that user has enabled it.

You can add the length of the interview and place (in person, online, of via phone). If online, there will be a prompt for the link you'd like to use.

"Allow Overbooking" will let multiple candidates select the same time slot. This will help combat no shows that sometimes happen.

You can add your schedule manually, by selecting the times and dates that work for you. This allows flexibility to update your calendar as needed as your schedule changes, to account for holidays hours, vacations, etc. You'll then receive an email when a candidate confirms an interview, with the date and time.

You also have the option to sync your google or outlook calendar with foh&boh. Your calendar details (meetings, etc) won't be displayed; instead candidates will only see the times that are available for you. This will also have interviews automatically added to your calendar, so you can see upcoming meetings.

See below for a quick video on setting up availability:

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