Rejecting Candidates

Rejecting candidates with specific reasons helps track where your team can improve in the hiring process

Written by Kacey Tovornik
Updated over a week ago

Marking the reason that you are Rejecting a candidate is a valuable action step to take for several reasons:

  1. Many times, a candidate is not a fit simply for availability. But what if your schedule needs change? By marking this reason, you can easily return to the Rejected stage, filter by Availability Conflict and reach out to those candidates returning them to your active pipeline.

  2. Notice that you are rejecting many candidates for the same reason? Wage not a fit? Experience is misaligned? These are helpful insights into understanding and making changes in how you are attracting candidates. Maybe the job description needs tweaking or the compensation range needs updating.

  3. Experiencing lots of no-shows? We want to know! Are you using the Calendar feature so that we can send reminders to the candidates? We track repeat offenders and impose consequences to maintain the integrity of the experience of all restaurant partners on foh&boh.

The Reject feature can be customized so that you can track your own reasons and use it to attract better-fit candidates on the front end.

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