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Our Candidate Database is a great way to find candidates near your location who are actively looking for new roles. You can read their profile, view their resume and work experience, and invite them to apply to your open positions.

We have over 100,000 candidates nationwide who have identified themselves as actively looking for roles. You can sort applicants by proximity to your location, years of experience (based on what they added to their profile), or most recently active on our platform. Furthermore, we have filters based on if they have a resume, work experience, are actively looking for opportunities, etc.

You can click on their name to look at their profile. Then, you can invite them to apply. This will open a message template which can be used to draft a message, letting them know that you came across their profile and would like them to apply to your location. You can save that message template (using the blue icon on the bottom right) and easily send that to other candidates in the future.

Once you invite someone to apply, they will show up in your Candidate Feed as a Candidate. If they do apply, you'll see them as an Applicant.

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