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Offer and Welcome Letters
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Offer and Welcome Letters are great ways of interacting with candidates that you intend to bring on as a hire. This can streamline your hiring process, to get the candidates set up for immediate success as an employee. There are two kinds of letters that you can send:

  • Offer Letter: The offer letter will be sent to a candidate, asking them to accept the position. It'll include details such as the location, position, state date and time, and compensation. You also have the option to add in documents that you want the candidate to review before officially accepting.

  • Welcome Letter: Once a candidate has accepted the offer, and intends to begin work at your location, you can send a letter detailing what to expect to get started. This includes the location, position, start date and time, and who to ask for when arriving. There's a section to add additional comments, documents, or links. The welcome letter can be a way for you to send a link to fill out any HR paperwork ahead of time, or for a candidate to get set up in your HR systems.

Please note that the letters will be sent to candidates via a text message/ link. Therefore, they can view everything on their phones!

Both the Offer and Welcome Letter can be sent in the Messages drop down:

See here for a video with more details:

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