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Not Seeing Enough Applicants?
Not Seeing Enough Applicants?
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If you aren't seeing as many applicants as you'd like, let's start by following the below steps:

  • Confirm that you've removed old job postings. If there is a position already posted on a job board, ours will be flagged as a duplicate and will not be posted. This could include positions that were created by third parties, as well.

  • Ensure that you have a salary listed. Some job boards won't post a position without a salary. Furthermore, candidates are less likely to apply if they don't see a salary listed in the job description.

  • Determine if your salary is competitive. Take a look at similar postings on job boards that are popular in your area. Are you above or below similar positions? Make sure to include tips and bonuses in your range, not just what you will be paying the candidate.

  • Review your Position Title. Positions that are too detailed ("Experienced and Friendly Server") or combined with other positions ("Host/Server/Team Member") tend to not do well in searches. Also, positions that are gender biased ("Hostess" or "Waitress") tend to be deprioritized.

  • Create a compelling first line in the job description. These often show up as a preview in job boards. Instead of immediately diving into the requirements, sell the prospective candidate on your role ("We are a fun and energetic restaurant, with a great staff, looking for someone to join us in serving customers.")

  • Think about boosting the post. We can help you put marketing dollars behind a post, ensuring that it pops to the top of search results, and candidates are seeing it when they search for roles.

  • Work with us to create a QR code that you can add to table tents, window flyers, etc so that anyone coming into your location can apply on foh&boh.

Of course, feel free to reach out to us (via the chat button on the bottom right) if you want to chat through specific ideas).

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